Voilá! Penn Jillett drops 105 lbs.

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Penn Jillette lost a whopping 105 pounds, and 10 pant sizes, in four months time with the help of a super low calorie diet.

However, his recent medical woes pushed him to drop the weight.

"I was on six very powerful meds to bring the blood pressure down," a 6'7" Jillette told People about the health troubles that hospitalized him. "My doctor said I needed to get my weight down, and if I brought it down 30 of 40 pounds it would be a little easier to control."

But that wasn't all the doctor suggested. In fact, the treating physician also mentioned that if the famed magician got down to 230 pounds he possibly wouldn't need any medication at all.

That was just the motivation he needed to radically change his lifestyle.

Penn JillettePhoto: Getty

From December to March, Jillette consumed around 1,000 calories a day and as a result he roughly lost about .9 pounds a day.

Now that he's reached his goal weight, the father of two no longer maintains the insane low-calorie diet, but follows Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian diet. The regimen bans animal products, processed grains, added sugars and salts.

"I eat unbelievable amounts of food but just very, very, very healthy food," he detailed.

But that doesn't mean he won't give himself a treat every now and then.

"I could probably have a steak or a doughnut every couple of weeks, but I just heaven's felt like it," Jillette added. "When you're feeling as bad as I felt, and you go to feeling as good as I feel, the temptation to go back to doing what you were doing when you felt bad is not very great."

He's also added exercise to his lifestyle — focusing on the "scientific seven-minute workout" in addition to weight training, cycling and juggling.

"Now it's really fun to exercise," said one half of Penn and Teller. "The only hard part of exercise is keeping it hard enough to be hard."

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