Your 10 Episode Cheat Sheet For ‘Community’

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It's finally happen-Dean. In exactly one week from today, half of Community's infamous battle cry of "six seasons and a movie!" will come true.

Yes, that's right, the first episode of the sixth season of Dan Harmon's newly resurrected show will be released on Yahoo Screen.

The history of the quirky sitcom, which originally ran on NBC back when NBC still had some creative clout, has involved more fights, victories, defeats, and montages than the entire Rocky franchise. The show originally premiered back in 2009 and lasted five tumultuous seasons, including one without creator and showrunner Dan Harmon (he was fired from the show, only to return). Despite its loyal (and rabid) fan base, the show suffered from low ratings and disputes with the network brass, which finally led to its NBC cancellation in 2014. However, much like its cast of scrappy, down-on-their-luck protagonists, the show and all its oddities was saved at the last minute by a corporate entity. (No, not Subway.)

Yahoo and Honda have Chang'd into their academic robes and are taking a chance on Greendale Community College, which is definitely a real college and completely up to health code. Interviews with Harmon have confirmed that the show is planned to be as quirky, meta, fun, and cultish as ever, with a new episode releasing every Tuesday for the 13-episode run of Season 6.

We know that you don't have time to study up on the whole series in time for the premiere, so here's your season-by-season cheat sheet. Cram away, fellow Human Being.

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