This week’s couple: Age differences

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Just because two people are the same age doesn't mean they're at the same place in life.

Avantia and Phil, both 25, quickly found this out when they met for dinner at the downtown steakhouse Village Prime. While Avantia is still enjoying the youth of her 20s, Phil says he's ready to settle down and start a family.

That revelation was the beginning of the end, and it doesn't seem likely that these two have a future together.

She said

When I first met Phil, I thought he was attractive, but he was very quiet, which I am not used to. Eventually, he started to open up more, but it didn't help, because we really seem to be polar opposites.

We're both 25, and he thinks this is the time to settle down and I don't. I prefer to be goofy and he prefers to be serious. I like all types of movies and he likes more sophisticated and foreign films. There wasn't much we agreed on.

Service at Village Prime was excellent. We shared the baked clams, crab cake and tuna tartare for appetizers, which were all pretty good. For dessert, they sent over crème brûlée that was great.

We exchanged numbers, but there was no romantic connection.

He said

When Avantia walked in, I knew that she was not the type of girl I typically go for. She wore a plain black sweater, too casual for my taste, but I understood she just came from work.

We had music in common. We both like the rapper Schoolboy Q, and I was impressed with her knowledge of hip-hop. But that was the only thing we had in common. Everything else, not so much.

We shared a few dishes that were recommended at Village Prime, which included baked clams, scallops and crème brûlée. The atmosphere was great.

Avantia and I exchanged numbers, since we live in the same neighborhood, but I don't expect to see her again. As considerate as she was, I can tell when someone is into me and she didn't come off that way.

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This week’s couple: Age differences

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