ISIS destroys more ancient artifacts in Iraq

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ISIS thugs have now destroyed three ancient cities in Iraq including Hatra, a UNESCO Heritage Site that is 200 miles north of Baghdad.


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ISIS savages are continuing their assault on Iraq's ancient artifacts.

On Sunday, the Islamic militants raided their third ancient city in just a week when they ransacked Khorsabad, a 2,800-year-old capital of the Assyrian empire that featured a 64-foot wall and seven gates.

ISIS thugs began razing the city's structures and raiding artifacts, though the full extent of the damage was not know, witnesses said.

The city is most highly regarded for the wall erected by King Sargon II during his reign in 713 BC, parts of which have been preserved in museums in Baghdad, Paris, London and Chicago.

The Khorsabad attack follows ISIS' earlier assaults on the cites of Nimrud and Hatra — both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

ISIS on Saturday also demolished a 2,000-year-old desert fortress in Hatra, which had managed to stay preserved through two Roman invasions, according to the Times of London.

ISIS has claimed its destruction was motivated by religious concerns, but it is believed that the terror group plans to sell artifacts on the black market to make up for oil revenue lost to bombing campaigns.

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